The One Constant In Life

Some would argue that the one constant in life is death, or taxes. While there may be reason to accept either of these as the one constant in life, there is one that I believe is beyond question. And, this one constant applies to everyone in the world regardless of their status, country of birth, or financial freedom. The constant I'm speaking about is change. No matter what may happen, change is inevitable.

Some of these changes we have absolutely no control over. We can not change the fact that we all will die; we can not change the fact that we will start to age despite our best efforts or the latest fad or medical breakthrough in promoting a long life. So, does this mean that we simply sit back and let change unfold as it will and accept that our lives will be disrupted, or altered?

One of the most prevalent agents of change is our global economy where we have seen its' increasing impact on what we thought were stable and resilient companies. For those who were absolutely dependent, including a lot of us, on the company's survival to guarantee employment, a company's demise is a major set back. For every company that succumbs to global competition, new technology that displaces workers, mergers, buyouts, out-sourcing or off shore manufacturing there is always human lives disrupted. No longer can anyone be assured that loyalty or dedication to their jobs will secure them for life. This is a change that has caused unexpected hardship for thousands of families.

Without the good fortune of winning a lottery, what is the answer? What do we do? How do we prepare ourselves in case we become one of the displaced workers statistics? And, the one sure fire thing that will not help you at all is complaining or crying fowl. This is life today, not in the future, but today. Complaining gets you absolutely no where.

One thing is for sure. If you think you are secure in your job, if you think your company will be around forever, or that your skills of today will serve you well for the rest of your working life, you may be in for a big surprise.

If you are looking for one main answer to help you adapt to this new environment, you'll be disappointed. But, if you work for a company now, you can reduce the impact by constantly upgrading your skills, developing new skills, and making yourself so fundamentally valuable to your company that they'll think twice about releasing you from employment. And, even if they have no choice but to let you go, the fact that you have upgraded your skills or developed a set of new skills whether that be by way of enrolling in related courses, or learning a whole new set of skills, you 'll be better able to offer your services to another company in the same type of work, or to a variety of companies that seek team players with a number of skill sets.

On-going preparation, developing new skills, upgrading skills and action will need to become part of your daily life. And, rest assured, change is constant .

Source by Catherine Pulsifer

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