The Importance of Enzymes in Our Body

You may not be aware of it, but there are millions of chemical reactions that take place in our body. These reactions are necessary for things like hair growth and healing injuries. Some of the chemical reactions that occur inside the human body are metabolism (which allows the body to release usable energy), glycolysis (conversion of glucose to pyruvate), lipogenesis (synthesis of lipids), and gluconeogenesis (conversion of non-carbohydrates into carbohydrates) ).

To speed up these reactions, a catalyst is needed, and this catalyst comes in the form enzymes. Enzymes are the spark that kicks off the essential biochemical reactions that our body needs so it can continue to be alive. Here are the three types of enzymes and what their vital roles are:

Metabolic enzymes – This is the type of enzyme that catalyzes the reactions within the cells. They run the body's organs, tissues, and cells. Take them out of the equation and our bodies will cease to function. Some of their important functions are converting phosphorus into bone, attaching iron to red blood cells, thinking (yes, thinking), healing wounds, and even something as basic yet vital as making our hearts beat.

Digestive enzymes – As the term itself suggests, these are the ones that break down the food we eat, which makes way for nutrients to be absorbed into our bloodstream and used in various functions of our body. They also ensure that we get the best possible nutritional value from the food we ingest. Without them, no matter how healthy the foods we eat are, they will not be of much value, if at all.

Food enzymes – These are the partners of the digestive type. They get to our body via the food we consume. They aid in food digestion. With this type, we do not use up as many of our body's internal enzymes in the digestive process.

At the time we're born, we're only given a limited supply of enzyme energy. Our role is to replenish its supply before it gets depleted to make sure that they perform their jobs. Failing to replenish its supply can result to certain illnesses. The more of them we take, the longer and healthier we live.

This then underscores the importance of taking foods that are rich in this complex protein. Make sure you have a diet that contains lots of it. You can also get it from natural supplements such as bee pollen, which contains this beneficial complex protein.

Source by Liam A Wills

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