Practical Tips on How to Stop Twisting Your Hair

The hair twisting compulsion has been around for many years. You can use these tips to stop twisting your hair, starting today. Most of the time, you are probably twisting without being aware of what your hand is doing. Your mind may be in some far off place while your hand gets busy in your crowning glory.

Chances are that you learned this habit by imitation. You may have been so young at the time you started, that you do not even remember it. Perhaps you saw someone at home doing it on a regular basis.

The people best suited to help you quash this habit are the ones closest to you. Just ask them to let you know when you are engaging in a twisting session. This will help you be more conscious of the extent of the problem. It will stop you in your tracks and remind you of your decision to control this urge.

Now you need to find an occupation for your hands. If they are busy, they can not be in your flowing locks. What are the best activities to keep those hands away from your head?

Many hair twins claim that they must get their hands into sticky, wet messes to keep them down from their crowns. They wash walls, bake bread, paint and build things to occupy their fingers.

Others prefer to remain in a comfortable seating position. They may opt for holding a pet, a baby, a sketch pad or a computer keyboard to keep their hands occupied.

Any activity involving your hands will help you kick this habit. Just find what suits you best and do it in your free time. You will find those fingers will forget about your hair!

If you try these tips to stop twisting your hair, you should see a difference quite quickly. The key is to find an activity that you really enjoy, and that suits your lifestyle. If you persist, you will inherit the hair twisting habit.

Source by Trevor Johnson

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