How Strife Builds and Destroys Relationships (the Do's and Don'ts of Handling Contention)

The best way to handle an argument is to take your ego out of it. For example you may feel that your partner's concern about her argument over something personal that was said to her while you were at work to be frivolous but to her it could actually be bothering her causing her to act out in some way. If you act like you can not be bothered with her even for a moment she will feel like you do not care about her feelings. The proper way to react to this situation is to take time away from your day and hear her out and offer valuable contributions even if all you do is hug her and tell her everything is going to be OK. This shows you value her feelings and you care enough to be supportive even though you do not feel the same level of importance.

Just like the weather you can "predict" how an argument is going to turn, there are many signs to consider such body language, nervous ticks, and less obvious signs such as isolating behavior, anti-social tendencies, and becoming increasingly distant. The immediate issue with this situation is a relationship is a double ended link, In other words a body can not survive without the head. If two people in a relationship start isolating from one another a relationship can not survive, that's why knowing how to handle situations is so important. Break ups can be easily prevented by communicating and opening up to one another.

Communication is key to handling confrontation maturely and it grows a relationship but you must be aware of the situation. You have to control your words and they can not be inspired by anything other than true concern and understanding. You can not let your frustration or anger power your words or actions, The most common mistake people make is using past mistakes as ammunition in a fight, This is behavior caused by unresolved anger brought on by not communicating and allowing frustration to cloud their judgment . Holding emotions in is the most detrimental thing you can ever do in a relationship.

Trust is the foundation of a relationship. It is broken by many things such as infidelity, lies, and emotional trauma. Trauma can be emotional, physical, or both. Trauma can be from ones past or present and can also be emotional. It all falls into knowing your partner. The longer your with someone the more you know them and the more you can learn from them and they can learn from you. If you care about the one you choose to spend your life with or the one you found a new connection with the more you will want to learn how to handle an argument or disagreement. All it takes to preserve a relationship is having concern for everything that your partner holds dear.

Spend some time and challenge yourself today today and find 20 new things about your partner that you never knew before. Ask yourself what do I know about my partner today? What do not I know? What can I learn from my partner? What does my partner know about me? What do not they know? What can you change in your relationship habits to better your arguments or avoid them all together? Have your partner help you answer these questions and I guarantee you will see a dramatic difference in your relationship.

Source by Manuel R Ortiz

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