Escape the Rat Race With Online Article Marketing

When you were a kid, I bet you did not say, "I want to work 70 hours a week in middle management when I grow up!" Neither did I, so I figured out how to avoid that kind of prison with online article marketing.

The reality is, as Tyler Durden said in the film Fight Club, "We work jobs we hate to buy stuff we do not need." What I learned how to do was automate my income, free up my time, and live the life I always wanted. I am free to pursue my photography, travel, and just generally do what I want the vast majority of the time.

When you learn the power of online article marketing, your first and natural reaction will be to buy a few things you have always wanted. This is the same reaction anyone has who comes into money. I did the exact same thing. After the novely wears off, you will instead become a collector of experiences. These experiences will be irreplaceable, and completely yours.

Travel to Peru for a photography trip? Check. Thailand for back packing? Check. Russia for world class fly fishing? Check. Brazil for Carnivale? Check.

I am not sharing these things with you to brag or look like a world traveler. I want you to understand the freedom to do things that comes with a revenue stream that does not depend on my presence. I want you to create a list of your own dream experiences that will drive you to succeed in business online.

So what is article marketing? As I use it, it is a way to drive traffic to a product that you are either selling or are affiliated with, and then selling. Once your campaign is in place, it can provide a passive means of revenue coming into your bank account each and every month. Creating this passive revenue stream is key for three reasons:

  1. It does not require your presence to make money. Set it up, and off it goes!
  2. Once you are good at it, it is much more secure than a job. You can not get fired from article marketing!
  3. Once you have set up a campaign, you can do it over and over. There is no limit to the amount of campaigns you can start, and therefore no limit to your elearning potential!

The best part is, you can start before you quit your job and simply supplement your income for as long as you like.

I want you to learn online article marketing just like I did. What's more, I want to share with you exactly how I learned it.

Source by Justin Kiedis

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