Best Remedies For Pimples at Home

Most people can be sure that at one time or another, they will play host to pimples. It is common in adolescent and young adulthood due to various reasons including hormonal imbalance. The outbreak will mainly affect the face, neck, back and other parts as well. Skin can never be totally immune to an outbreak of pimples and it is important to learn how to deal with the problem. The following is a look at top remedies for pimples to be found at home.

First though, it is good to have a breakdown of what pimples are and the variety they come in. A pimple is a bumpy mass that will form when hair, sebum and skin cells break out courty of bacteria that enjoys the combination. They are not a very pleasant sight and eliminating them will be the impulse for those who suffer. Most common pimples that will affect people include whiteheads that are found under skin, blackheads, papules, cysts, nodules and pustules. Cysts will tend to be more painful and are notorious for leaving scars on the skin.

It is hard not to notice the signs of pimples because they are visible. People will suffer pain and pus that will be caused infection by bacteria. Redness of the skin will be unmistaken and scarring will also be another sign. Many reasons are known to cause the skin pores to block. Before looking at the remedies for pimples at home, consider the top known causes. Hormones that rage common in teenage will cause the problem. Pregnancy is another factor as well as birth control pills, menstrual cycle, some cosmetics and heredity.

Top remedies for pimples at home are many. However, they do not promise to work but some might do the trick and others might fail. This will depend on many factors. However, the following remedies have been proven to leave a better skin regarding pimples.

Orange peel – Taking peels then pounding with some water will create a paste that should be applied directly to the affected area. Then, wait to see the results. This remedy has been found very effective for many.

Lemon – A generous application of the juice will improve the size and appearance of the pimples.

Garlic – It may be applied several times a day to the area for good results. Keep in mind that eating garlic will work to purify the blood making the pimple problem a thing of the past from the inside.

Vitamins – A and E will be best and when taken several times a day can work wonders. They can also be applied directly to the area and niacin is a component that has been highlighted to improve on the pimple problem. Zinc also taken up to 3 times a day will be beneficial. 100 mg to 400 mg of Vitamins are recommended.

Cucumber – Grated, the paste can be applied to face and neck or to the affected area and left for some time. This will work to clear blackheads mainly.

Other remedies at home include Epsom salt bath, coriander and mint juice.
Prevention will always be better and making sure skin is clean, avoiding touching the skin and using the right mild oils and cosmetics will come to play. Above are the top remedies for pimplesat home.

Source by Emma Wanjiku

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