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Where Can I Purchase Probiotics?

The best probiotics are from the Garden of Life Company. They manufacture probiotics with a patented combination of whole food probiotic-rich homeostatic soil organizations that really get your bowel movements going at about 100 mph in overdrive. There is a blend of homeostatic soil organisms that your probiotic-hungry digestive system will just love. The normal gastrointestinal balance is supported by the intake of homeostatic soil organisms. The internal environment can only be balanced with a steady intake of these kinds of soil organizations. People were meant to work in the soil and take in a small amount of soil organizations for optimal health. Without the intake of these soil organizations, people can succumb to a variety of illnesses that our ancestors did not get because they worked in the field and did not have problems with not taking in these soils organizations.

The probiotics in the supplement support proper bowel movements that are regular and beneficial to the immune system and overall health. They support the normal absorption and ready assimilation of all the nutrients in the gut for a healthy internal ecosystem. They accentuate, enhance, and maximize the benefits of a healthy diet that should already be eaten on a daily basis. Unlike the majority of probiotics, the ingredients in the Primal Defense supplement product can withstand the toughest environments and are designed to be able to go through the toughest stomach and bile acids. The process that goes into creating them is proprietary, and the people that are creating them are firsthand knowledgeable about what works and what does not for stomach problems like this. The potent fermentation process in the Poten-Zyme formulation helps everyone to come up with the right bacteria needed to combat the toughest bad bacteria that anyone can deal with. If you want to battle the toughest bad bacteria, then you need to use the strongest good bacteria.

It is not only the best probiotic, it is the only supplement on the market that contains a unique whole food blend in a base of probiotic supplements commonly known as homeostatic soil organizations. The food you eat should come out of the ground in untouched form in a perfect world without pesticides straight from the soil and it should be able to replenish the store of good bacteria in your gut, but the bad stuff like herbicides, chemicals, and other things that pasteurize, irradiate, and disinfect your food can no longer provide the good bacteria that God intended you to have. There are 12 species of beneficial microorganisms that are in the form of the HSO probiotic blend. The unique HSOs in Primal Defense can take you to a perfect level of total health.

The pioneer formula creator of Primal Defense created this product to stun people with its widely used soil organisms that have been curing people of digestive problems for decades. Jordan Rubin is a world famous for fixing peoples' digestive problems. This formula just works. People are happy, and they are selling a whole lot every day, day in and day out, over several years. It is time you got the junk and the dirt into your diet.

Source by Bob Janeway

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